'OMG!' by Edvard Munch

A precursor of the modern Emoji 'shocked' face, Munch's depiction of a man viewing his friend's embarrassing Facebook profile picture is one of the great works of European symbolism. Scholars still debate exactly which Instagram filter Munch employed for his crazy sky, but most agree the wavy contours and elongated figure were created using the WarpIt app.
Munch's disturbing addiction to social media is apparent in most of his work from this period, especially LOL and View From My Office Today, and electronic versions of both are available for download from our Online museum store for a small fee.
Ultimately, the artist's failure to establish a Twitter following during his lifetime led to feelings of insecurity and self-loathing and eventually Munch suffered a full mental breakdown. It is remarkable to consider that he was so unpopular back then, as his tribute site on Pinterest has over a million fans today.

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